Saturday, August 12, 2006

The Quiet Movement

The “quiet majority” in Canada are doing what they do best – starting a quiet movement.

Canadians do not wear their patriotism on their sleeves like our cousins to the south do. If the truth be told, the vast majority are not as proud to be Canadians as they are at not being American. Pretty sad, eh? When it comes to our troops in the Middle East, many believe we are only there because our current Prime Minister is a puppet to the American President. This shows another strong Canadian trait – selective memory.

Canada has been supporting the fight against terrorism in the Middle East since 9/11, an initiative taken by the Liberal government that was in power at the time. As was typical of that party when they held the reins of the country, they kept our participation a secret for the most part. Now that the Conservative party is calling the shots, and are letting the world know about it, the Liberal supporters want to forget who originally put our troops there.

Another Liberal trait over the years is to talk the talk, but not walk the walk. The Liberals, who held power for the majority of years since the Second World War, liked to think of themselves as peacekeepers. In that capacity, they were quite happy to send our troops off to different parts of the world and bang their chests and state what great humanitarians we are. All of that is fine and dandy, but the reality is, they sent our troops into harms way and did so while eroding the financial means of our armed forces. Mainly due to the Liberals’ actions over the years, some of the third world countries’ armed forces are now better equipped than ours. This meant that our troops were in double jeopardy - put in harms way, and put there without the means to protect themselves.

So now the Conservative government has decided to correct this situation by spending some money and buying the equipment needed. They have also been quite vocal in letting Canadians know that our military are going to force the peace in Afghanistan, and as a result, there is going to be a cost far greater than monetary, and lives are going to be lost. The result of all of this is now Canadians must view news footage of body bags coming home on a regular basis.

While my support for the current Conservative Prime Minister is almost as non-existent as it was for the past Liberal one, I do support our troops and what they are trying to accomplish. The “quiet majority”, no matter what political party they affiliate themselves with, believe what our men and women there are trying to accomplish is necessary, not only for the good of Afghanistan, but for the world at large.

Because of this support, there is a quiet movement underway that is calling on Canadians to do something that is, well, quite un-Canadian – fly the Canadian Flag. I know. Its pretty scary isn’t it. To actually display the symbol of our country openly is really as un-Canadian as you can get. It actually boarders on, dare I say it – Americanism. I mean, really. Displaying the red and white is just not done here. It’s crass. It’s fanatical. It’s boisterous. It’s just not done.

Well maybe its time it is done. Maybe its time we show our troops that we stand behind them in their quest for peace. Maybe its time that we tell the mothers and fathers of our men and women over there that we appreciate what they are going through right now and that their sacrifices are more than appreciated. Maybe its time we showed some empathy for those that have to meet those body bags coming home. Maybe its time to show that being Canadian actually means something.

Maybe its time to display the Canadian Flag.


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